Are you interested in taking piano lessons? Here you can find everything you need to know about my lessons (and piano lessons in general).

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Why Should You Learn To Play The Piano?

Listening to music will give most people a great amount of pleasure. But nothing can compare that to the feeling one gets when he or she is the one creating the music. Be that just playing by yourself or together with other people the amount of joy you get from playing the piano is immense.

In addition to pure joy, musical activities improve our brain’s plasticity and cognitive abilities. Learning and improvising music helps our brain stay agile long throughout adulthood. It is never too early or too late to experience the joy and benefits of learning to play the piano! 

Who Do I Give Lessons To?

I mainly teach adults & teenagers over the age of 15. However, I can make exceptions for younger students on a case-to-case basis. My main requirement for younger students is that the desire and motivation to learn and progress comes from the adolescents themselves and not for example from from the parents or guardians.

What Do I Teach?

What I teach depends a lot on my students. I am open to many kinds of goals and ideas. My main focus is on pop, jazz, rock, soul, funk & RnB piano studies and pop/jazz music theory but I have taught other genres as well (classical, hip-hop/neo-soul/chillhop/dubstep riffs/beats etc). I also help students with arranging, composing and producing music and beats.

Where Do I Teach?

I mainly teach at my cosy piano studio in the center of Helsinki near Esplanadi. Occasionally I might teach at a student’s home or at another suitable place.

Do I Teach Online?

Yes, I teach online via the Whereby-platform.

How Much Do The Piano Lessons Cost?

My first piano lesson is always free (60min lesson) so you can try out the lessons and my style of teaching without any risks!

The prices for regular lessons are 50,00 EUR (40,30 EUR + 24% VAT) / 60min and 62,00 EUR (50,00 + 24% VAT) / 90min. Other options are also available for lessons with different durations. Contact me if you need more info about pricing.

How Often Should I Have Piano Lessons?

There is no straight answer to this question. The frequency of lessons depends on many factors such as the student’s age, skill level, music background, life schedule, financial situation, goals and ambitions and also the duration of the individual lessons. That said, most students I have have lessons either once a week or once every two weeks.

Some students want a lesson once a month and some have one longer lesson (workshop lesson) every 3-6 months (these types of longer lessons are workshop lessons that last for several hours where we go through a topic thoroughly and I prepare materials and exercises that the student then goes through by themselves over several months). So in short it is up to the student to decide on how often they would like have lessons.

Personally I recommend a lesson either once a week or once every two weeks. The reason being that large gaps between lessons might lead to loss of motivation. Also, if a student develops bad playing or practicing habits they are easier to fix when the lessons are regular.

How Can I Become Your Piano Student?

It is extremely easy and straightforward to become my student! Fill in the contact form at the end of the this page (the contact form is also found on the front page of the website and also in the menu) and write that you are interested in having piano lessons. A bit of info about yourself and also if you are interested in live or online lessons usually helps but is not necessary.

I will then send you a Piano Lesson Form (Google Form) where I ask about your music background, goals, equipment you have etc. Based on the info from the form I can prepare the first free lesson for you. Then we just decide on the date for the free lesson and everything else is breeze from then on!

You do not need to prepare anything for the first free lesson. I will take care of everything we need and will tell you what need to know and do. After the free lesson if you wish to continue then we can decide how to procede together.

My Teaching Methods & Resources

Most students might not get the best out of traditional learning methods and resources. People learn in different ways and also have different skill levels both for theory and technique. Some have trouble reading notes while others prefer notation over other methods. It is thus important to be agile enough to be able to take all learning aspects into consideration when teaching.

I have several resources, methods and approaches that I use for teaching. I have created different types of worksheets to guide my students and help them learn. I have worksheets for people who can read notes and for those that cannot. The worksheets consist of notation sheetschord sheets and personalised worksheets. I also use picturesaudio tracks, videos and a MIDI software called Midiculous in my curriculum. For online lessons I use a platform called Whereby.

My Teaching Philosophy

I want to look at piano teaching in an innovative way where I approach my students the same way that a personal trainer would approach their clients. I want to develop personalised plans and programs for each student. I want to utilise both traditional and less common teaching methods.

I think the most important thing in life is to do what you love. I really like making music and teaching how to do the same. Music is very emotional and therapeutical for me and I like to instil that feeling and importance to my students as well. I want them to really explore what they want themselves and I see myself as more of a mentor to my students where we reach our common goals together.

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