“Sibil’s Musical Snapshots” is a collection of photos from different stages of my musical life. I want each photo to tell its own story and represent a kind of “snapshot” of my life at that time.

Click on the photos to read the story behind each photo.



“Sibil’s Piano Solos” is a collection of videos and clips of some of my piano solos from different gigs and musical settings. These are posted as short clips and sometimes contain just parts of a solo.

Piano Solo 1 – Thriller
Pano Solo 2 – A Place In The Sun
Piano Solo 3 – Autumn Leaves
Piano Solo 4 – What A Difference A Day Makes
Piano Solo 5 – Black Orpheus
Piano Solo 6 – On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Piano Solo 7 – Jeannine
Piano Solo 8 – Sunny
Piano Solo 9 – Nature Boy
Piano Solo 10 – Get Up
Piano Solo 11 – Set Me Free
Piano Solo 10 – Carelees Whisper


“Sibil’s Musical World” is a collection of videos and clips of me playing various different things with various different people that do not fall into other categories such as piano solos etc.

Musical World 1 – Stay Broke
Musical World 2 – Creating Colours

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